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Description of works and authenticity

While diligence is taken in the preparation of the description of works, we cannot be held responsible for manifest errors and the commentaries on artworks are the opinion of the author and are subjective as to artistic merit and investment potential.

STAMFORD FINE ART LTD do not give investment or financial advice and you are advised to take independent advice where you feel appropriate.

Should an object sold prove to be fake, STAMFORD FINE ART LTD will refund a client's money as soon as reasonably possible, provided that the client provides a written opinion from an acknowledged expert on the artist/sculptor within a month of purchase or within a month of doubt being expressed by an acknowledged expert, subject to a limit in time in all cases of one year from the purchase date.


All prices are plus ARR, where applicable, regardless of whether this is stated

Ownership of works

When works are sold on consignment , STAMFORD FINE ART LTD obtains a written representation from the vendor that they are legal owner. When executing a consignment, we are acting as agents for the vendor and shall not be liable for any defect in title, but will, of course, do all we reasonably can to help resolve the matter.

Availability of works

Please note that all works are offered subject to availability and we reserve the right to offer works to more than one potential customer, unless a work has been reserved.

Prices of works

Prices given in writing will be held , unless there is a blatant error, for three days, after which such offers will terminate.


Extensive efforts have been made to identify photographers and to talk to artists who are featured and in many cases specific authorisation has been given, however, some of the images were taken many decaded ago and no credits can be found in the publications concerned. Should anyone have information on the identity of photographer's photographs used herein, please notify us. Should you be an artist or photographer who wishes to have their image/work removed, this will be done immediately upon notification to us by email. Images are not for resale and are used for educational purposes